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An Afternoon at the Park

Jack London State Park to be exact.

Oh and before we go any further, these photos were all iPhoners, so please excuse the meh quality.

My day included a trip to the doctor’s office, aka my second home, for a weekly check-up. The baby is doing great, and we are just playing the waiting game at this point! I think I am 39 weeks? Its getting hard to remember!

After the visit I was in the mood for some outdoor scenery. I took our handy state park pass along and made the drive into Glen Ellen, about 20 minutes from the center of Sonoma. Glen Ellen is like the even quainter small town answer to Sonoma. I love visiting there. Great wineries (Benziger!), one of my favorite restaurants in the area (Glen Ellen Star, an oasis), and its all surrounded by parks and nature.

So here we are at Jack London State Park.


Part of the fun of visiting here is seeing where Jack London lived, worked, and spent his life.


The entrance of the trails.

I really love this park. It has miles and miles (I think about 20) of hiking trails. You can’t bring dogs, but horses are welcome. So watch out for horse poo.

I’m really looking forward to visiting here for some trail runs post-baby.



Today I made it for about an hour’s hike. I would have liked to have gone longer, but lunch was calling my name.

The rest of my day includes cleaning and CHILLING OUT. I think I may even watch a movie DURING THE DAY, that’s how crazy its going to get.



My first trip to Tahoe! Finally! Would it be too dramatic to use the word majestic to describe the setting? Call me a drama queen, but I think not.

We took the drive from Sonoma to Squaw Valley in a loaner car from the Subaru dealership since our car was having some service done. I mention this because I am thrifty, and saving an eight hour round trip of miles on our vehicle made me smugly happy.

So this was our babymoon. As of right now, we are only 6 weeks away from meeting our little Roo. And we had to celebrate our time together as just a couple, since that is obviously very limited! We decided on Tahoe so that we could get away without spending too much money, and take advantage of the off-season relaxation.

We arrived Friday night, and took it majorly easy with a night of spaghetti and The Lion King. I mean, how does a night get more perfect than that??

Saturday morning Husband went for a long run at the gym so that he wouldn’t drive me crazy with all of his excess energy. He’s very considerate like that. After I had some extra sleep, and he had burned off his man-energy, we set off for a hike at Five Lakes Trail. I had to take quite a few breaks in the beginning (we’re talking once every 10-15 minutes) to catch my breath. Carrying twenty-three extra pounds and altitude make for for a tough climb. But I sort of got myself together after the first 45 minutes or so and was able to carry on pretty much at a normal pace afterwards.

We still took plenty of breaks for lots of photos though…

Can you believe this sticker was one someone’s car at the trailhead??? I almost sat down and waited for them to get back from their hike just so I could shake their hand.

Damn straight!

Damn straight!

He’s my rock. Get it?? Bad dum cha.

Mountain husband.

Mountain husband.

Ok so let me explain a little bit of what’s happening here… We are trying to demonstrate that my bump is about the same size as that rock formation behind me. And I felt like sticking my tongue out would really drive the point home.




Nothing staged about this photo at all...

Nothing staged about this photo at all…

I actually really like this photo…


I think the Five Lakes Trail took about 3 hours for us to complete. So in non-pregnant talk that would probably take most people about 2.5 hours.

Afterwards we drove to Truckee and had lunch at Fifty-Fifty, a local brewery and restaurant. My veggie burger was AWESOME. BBQ sauce on the side was legit. <— I live in CA now so I get to use vernacular like this, even when describing BBQ sauce.

After lunch we drove to Reno! I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Reno because I am a geek-out huge fan of Reno!911. One of my favorite shows ever ever ever. I’m sure my husband appreciated the non-stop Trudy Weigel quotes on the drive over there.


Well and I have to say, Reno is somewhat accurately showcased on Reno!911. I am not too easily fazed, but we didn’t stay downtown too long. But there was an ADORABLE couple there that had just gotten married, so we took their picture under the Reno sign and wished them the best. So sweeeeeet!

Then we went to the actual Reno Sheriff’s department and took a photo out there too. Then we were on our way back to Squaw Valley for dinner (pizza) and a good night’s rest.

Have you been to Reno? Or Vegas for that matter??

A Rainy Day Adventure

I love rainy days. Yesterday was an especially great rainy day. I arrived at work to find that the power at the winery was out and not coming back anytime soon. We closed down early  and I was left with the rest of an entire day to myself. 

With camera in tow, and a baseball hat to protect myself from the minor elements, I set out for a hike. 

The trail is pretty much right behind my in-laws’ home. I stopped to say hi to Raz, the 23 year old Arabian horse. I think he was curious about my camera, but mostly wondering why I hadn’t brought him a carrot. Next time, buddy.


The rain and mist created a beautiful fog on the mountain. The tops of the trees were barely visible, and it made everything feel quiet, reflective, and a little bit magical.





On clear days you can see most of the valley from this vantage point. But we still have further to go.



Not exactly a vertical ascent, but I had to take quite a few breaks! I blame the heavy camera, even though it probably only weighs 8 pounds.

Have you seen a vineyard, before its really a vineyard? Does that make it a yard I guess? Well here is the very, very beginning of what will someday be vines and plantings. I love how creepy this looks! I admit to kind of looking around for any Children of the Corn. 



Ok can you believe the color and texture of this tree bark? It was insane! I don’t know if deer are eating it or if this is part of its natural shedding process, but whatever’s going on is pretty darn neat. This photo is completely untouched.



So towards the end of this hike as I was huffing a little more than I’d like to admit I stopped and rested with my hands on my knees. I turned around to look behind me and immediately saw this about 15 feet away. Don’t ask me how. 



I was excited to be on the way back to the house, since about midway through the hike I realized my boots were not waterproof! Lesson learned! I had to stop and say hi to Razzy one more time. And I made sure to bring him some yummy grass for a snack.



Tea and movie time were waiting for me with Mama and Papa -inlaw. Have I mentioned that I LOVE hanging out with my in-laws? Weird, I know. I went for a quick grocery store run with Cara, their German shepherd, in tow. She had her first ever taste of White Cheddar Cheetos and I’d say it was quite a success. Papa, Hubs, and yours truly finished off the rest of the bag. 

For more information about hiking in Sonoma, visit Sonoma County Hiking Trails


I hope you’re having a great week, whatever the weather brings.