Out at Bodega Bay

Dog + beach + car ride = yes.

Off we go!

Off we go!

Permission to kidnap Cara was granted. So we took off in our new ride (in which we could theoretically fit our own dog someday) for Bodega Bay. From Sonoma this was about an hour and a half drive.

Even though it was November, the weather was perfection. Chilly enough to wear a sweater, but warm enough to run around barefoot on the beach. My feet got this wonderful achy, cold feeling from being in the water that felt really good for some reason.

Simon and Cara. She's much more well behaved with him.

Simon and Cara. She’s much more well behaved with him.

We didn’t have much of an agenda, and didn’t even bring a blanket or towel to sit on, which was just fine. We walked for about two hours up and down the beach. Cara and I would trot along the water’s edge.

Cara's requisite "paw in the water" photo. It was either this or a picture of my feet in the water. You're welcome.

Cara’s requisite “paw in the water” photo. It was either this or a picture of my feet in the water. You’re welcome.

Have you ever seen teeny jellyfish? I hadn’t until that day.


And another requisite cliche photo:


In the last few minutes we were on the beach we saw this little guy…

A seal!

A seal!

We actually thought that seal was a dog that had gone for a big swim at first! The little guy kept poking his head up every minute or so just kind of scoping out us beachgoers. There are tons and tons of seals at Bodega Bay. There is also a beautiful lighthouse to check out at Point Reyes. The Bodega Bay Website is here, with more visitor information.

I loved that we didn’t have anything to “do” at the beach. Just walking, enjoying each other’s company, and relishing in the beautiful California Coastal weather.

Our drive back home was quiet, especially from the backseat where Cara promptly zonked out.

Do you live near a coast? Is it warm or cold?




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