Stanly Lane Pumpkin Patch!

Yesterday Husband and I actually had a day off together! The stars were in line, and we had a fantastic day.

First we went to REI for new hiking shoes for Hubs. (Actually the very first thing was Peet’s for coffee. We have priorities.) Then off to Ike’s Sandwiches, my absolute favorite sandwich shop that has ever existed. They have a few different locations in the Bay Area. Definitely check them out if you’re nearby. Hubs and I switched roles: I had a turkey sandwich (with cheese!) and he had a veggie sandwich with fried eggplant and some unknown yummy sauce.

After lunch this pregnant lady needed a nap. A long one. So we didn’t get to give those new hiking boots their first outing, oh well. But I was up for a mini-outing by means of the Stanly Lane Pumpkin Patch. Its super easy to get to, only about a 20 minute drive from Sonoma. 

There are pigs, goats, and a fuzzy (!!) cow to pet, a haystack for the kids (and adventurous adults) to climb, a gift shop, and of course pumpkins galore. They even have wheelbarrows to tow the kiddos and pumpkins around. 



We arrived at about 4:30 in the afternoon, and there were still plenty of people milling about and lots of pumpkins to choose from. It was nice that the pumpkins weren’t just lumped into one little area, they were spread out everywhere so that you could really explore and pick out the “just right” pumpkin.



Have I mentioned that I am a huge animal lover? Especially pigs? Pigs are just the cutest little stinkers ever. This one, and its little pink butt, were so cute I almost burst.


Husband made a new friend too.



And they stands set up with different gourds (love that word) and mini-pumpkins.


After picking out our just right pumpkin we made our way into the gift shop. 



If you’re into olive oil, you’re in luck. They have a huge selection of olive oils available to taste. There’s also a large cooler stocked with different drinks (everything from chocolate milk to chardonnay) and snacks. Plus there’s a coffee and tea bar!



We didn’t stay especially long at the pumpkin patch, maybe about 30 minutes, but I’m sure if you had a little one you would wind up staying for at least an hour. So we headed out to Sonoma Market for some dinner essentials, and then stopped at the in-laws’ for a quick drink and hello.

I know Cara is a major reason why anyone looks at this blog, so I’d be silly not to post this picture of her sniffing my baby bump.



Will you be hitting up your local pumpkin patch? 


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