Well Seasoned

Fall is upon us…



In Sonoma Fall means Harvest. Its really a beautiful time to visit, and a fun one. The season of harvest lends itself easily to celebration.

We’re celebrating the bounty by making apple cider from an enormous box of green apples given to me recently. Its definitely a perk having a winemaker as a husband who can use his skills to craft homemade booze on a whim.



I would show you pictures of the cider right now, during its fermentation process, but frankly it ain’t pretty. I mean, its pretty in a sense that it will soon be glorious cider for all to enjoy. But appearance-wise it just looks like cloudy, frothy, apple juice. But I promise to post a glowing report once its ready for the enjoyment. (Side note: I will be trying a SIP only since I am with child.)

One downside to harvest: being a Harvest Widow. Cute name, huh? But its kind of true. Hubs is super busy making wine in Texas (Texas? Yep!). Not really complaining, but I would much rather him be around. 

But who is around you may ask? Besides the cutie patootie in my belly? My mom is here! From Texas! I traded a husband for a mom with the Lone Star State. She is in town for her first visit to our new home here in Sonoma. All’s well, and we’re enjoying muchos leisure time. She will be staying until Sunday, which is when the trade will happen again and Husband will be back in town. 

So how are you celebrating fall? Are you making pumpkin flavored everything?


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