Farmers Market at the Plaza

The Tuesday evening Farmers Market at the Plaza is a must when spending time in Sonoma. Us locals (when we’re organized at least, ahem) bring a blanket or two, a bottle of vino or two, and gather friends to spend the evening perusing local produce purveyors and listening to local bands. Some highly motivated individuals will even get a picnic table set up and have informal parties. 




This past Tuesday was the last big concert night of the season. One Tuesday a month a local band is featured for our musical pleasure. The music definitely adds to an already lively scene. 

I stopped by mostly to check out the local fare and take in one of the last hurrahs of the season. It was a quick visit, but still filled to the brim with fresh fruits and veggies, good music, and lots of happy campers.

Here are some of the sights:













All of this was great and all. But then I found Sweet Peabody’s. Game changer. Locally made dairy-free sorbet! Eeee!! Being a non-dairy person, I don’t know if I can express how happy this made me. Please excuse the lack of details, as I was in a state of pregnant sorbet-induced stupor…



The lovely gentleman (proprietor? pretty sure) scooping up deliciousness was kind enough to let me hover around taking photos for a few minutes WHILE sampling the wares. I can officially vouch for the pluot and apricot flavors featured… especially the apricot. 

Sorbet can be really tricky. Well, non-dairy frozen treats in general, but especially sorbets. I’ve found that most sorbets rely so heavily on sugar, that I’m left with sticky fingers and a sugar coma. The texture is probably the hardest part to nail, as many sorbets can be grainy and/or icy. I’m not naming any names, but even those fancy sorbets that cost like $9 at Whole Foods are guilty of this! 

Anyways, not so with Sweet Peabody’s! Again, I really liked the apricot flavor. And it was CREAMY. No chunky iciness or overly sweet taste! Well done, SP, well done. I will be back in the very near future with cash in hand and a hefty appetite.



Cheers, til we meet again.


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