Brownies and Sailing

This Labor Day weekend I made these. And this is the delicious batter that ensued:

ImageI managed to save some batter for my husband. That’s love, people.

Right after I popped the brownies in the oven, I got the call to sail. So we roused our sleepy Sunday selves and made way to Tiburon Yacht Club.

This sailing trip had more wind than last time, which was FUN. Apparently I, like Ricky Bobby, wanna go fast.

Here are some cute kiddos in a guppy race right outside of the yacht club:

ImageHusband is already excited for our little one to be a sailor.

We sailed to Sausalito and docked (a little haphazardly, admittedly). Lunch was sandwiches, pasta salad, olives, fruit, and BROWNIES. 

After lunch, we took the back way around Angel Island for a change of scenery. An hour or so later we landed back at TYC. 



So Labor Day was a success! I hope yours was great.





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