Cinnaholic! And Some Other Labor Day Weekend Fun.


Here’s their menu, with directions on how to get a cinnamon bun into your face the most delicious way possible (frosting + toppings). Isn’t that girly behind the counter a doll? Can’t really see her, I know, but she is.

Cinnaholic was everything I had hoped it would be. What, you don’t know Cinnaholic? Um the best cinnamon rolls in Berkeley that just happen to be vegan. You pick your roll, frosting, toppings, and then shamelessly go to town while your husband watches in stunned silence at how much dough you can shove in your face in one sitting.

But really, this stuff is good. I heard about it a few years ago while living in Houston, and never got around to making the drive.

Yesterday began the first weekend my Hubs and I have off together in forever. Like six months. Too long. So we made an outing to Berkeley specifically for Cinnaholic. Maybe he knew this was important to me when I woke up chanting “Cinnaholic! Cinnaholic!” Um, ok wifey. 20130901-080417.jpg

So even though the Bay Bridge is closed this weekend (um hello on Labor Day?!) we drove from Berkeley (which is what I consider food heaven to look like), to San Francisco. We were planning on hitting up a museum, but there was enough to see and do in the city so we just poked around.

We had lunch at Turkey Squat (I think that’s what it was called, it wasn’t exactly memorable) and then walked to the America’s Cup Village just in time to catch the end of a Stand Up Paddleboard race.


You can kind of see one lone ranger on the home stretch here.

Husband was STOKED to see where all the action was happening. Plus the weather was gorgeous yesterday. If you’re in/around SF this weekend, I highly recommend not staying indoors and enjoying the scenery.

Other plans for Labor Day Weekend include: cleaning out the guest room in anticipation of baby, seeing a movie (maybe the To-Do List?), and mainly just getting in some quality husband and wife time.

What are your Labor Day Plans?


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