Today’s Scene


Today at the Plaza.

Today, my day off, has been niiiiiice. I felt pretty energetic this morning, so I set off for an ambitious walk from my end of Sonoma (Boyes Hot Springs) to the Plaza. Had to make a pit stop and pick up Cara of course.

Its about a 3ish mile walk from Boyes to the Plaza. And today is pretty warm. I’m sure cool weather is around the corner, but you wouldn’t know it judging from the past couple of days.

So we walked, we panted, and we made it to the new Peet’s coffee shop off of Broadway. Peet’s is a bit of a revelation for me, since we don’t have these shops in Houston (ok there’s one, but its at the airport which doesn’t really count). I reallllyyyy like their coffee. And to further prove that Fall is happening very soon, pumpkin lattes are on the way! Yesssss. I’m so white, I know.

After Peet’s, we went to the square for some bench time and to wait for a pick-up ride.


Did you know that Cara makes a great footrest? I didn’t either until today.


Ummm yeah… gratuitous dog rolling photo. Dogs aren’t actually allowed at the park in the center of the Plaza, but I was sitting on a bench on the perimeter of the plaza and figured we had found a loophole.


Kind of the usual weekday scene. Lots of cute kiddos playing and happy parents on watch. Tourists were poking around shopping. Overall it was pretty quiet, a good day to be there for sure.

Kathy came by and picked up Cara and I since it had gotten so warm. I wasn’t quite ready for another 3+ miles at 12pm.

Husband and I are happy planning a fun outing for this weekend. Its the first weekend we’ve had off together in longer than I care to acknowledge. We were going to go to Monterey, but since we started planning like yesterday all of the hotels are booked (and pricey). So I think we’ll explore SF, and more specifically, Cinnaholic.


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