Nothin’ but Blue Skies

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for sailing… blue skies, light winds, and good spirits.

We left Sonoma with snacks from Whole Foods (including 4 bags of Kettle Chips… you can never be too prepared) and set off to Tiburon Yacht Club, about a 40 minute drive.

This was my first sailing adventure! I was a bit nervous, not so much for the actual sailing, but I was nervous about whether or not I would enjoy this activity that my husband LOVES. Also, we’re planning to raise our first baby (expected arrival in January!) with a love for the water and adventure. So not only was this my first sailing experience, it was really OUR first sailing experience.


Once we got to the club and brought our supplies on board, it was time to raise the sails, and learn all kinds of interesting boat lingo.


Up goes the main.

Husband is a true sailor, and knows his stuff. Papa P (father-in-law) is our fearless leader. They make a great duo.


Off we went! We set sail for Richmond Yacht Club, where we were meeting with Sis-in-law, Ter.

I got to steer on the way! Can I brag a little bit? Apparently, I’m a natural. I think the provisions helped out.Image

The winds were pretty quiet for a good leg of the trip to Richmond, but I did manage to get the boat up to 8.3 knots for a split second! I’d say we averaged about 5knots except for a few doldrum patches.

We got some great views along the way.



Once we got to Richmond Sis met us for lunch. I snacked on a tuna sandwich, castelveltrano olives, and guzzled water. Everyone else had rotisserie chicken and chips. I don’t know if it was the lunch, or the warmth of the sun, but I had a serious case of the Sleepies after eating. Or maybe because I have a tiny human growing inside of me, who knows.

A friendly boat neighbor at the RYC informed us that one of the America’s Cup races had been cancelled just a few hours prior in the SF Bay due to such high winds… I think somewhere around 25 knots. We passed by the bay and saw the fog and winds from a distance.


Here we go out of Richmond Yacht Club. Like I said, it was a gorgeous day.



We got back to Tiburon at about 4:30 I think. We packed up pretty quickly and headed back to Sonoma for dinner and couch time. Hubs and I were both pretty beat, but so, so happy.



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