Possibly Illegal Blackberry Pie

(the danger makes it taste better)


Merely the beginning.

Merely the beginning.

There is a place, I can’t tell you where (because it may or may not be protected government land), where you can pick the freshest, most perfect blackberries you’ve ever tasted in your life.

There is another place, about 10 miles away, where a saintly woman who goes by the name “Kathy” will take those blackberries and bake you a pie.

Earlier this week, “Kathy,” Teresa and I got ourselves and about 200+ pounds of dog into the car for our blackberry expedition. Luckily we also packed gloves because unbeknownst to this former suburban girl, blackberry bushes are very, very thorny.

We walked about one mile to the undisclosed location well off the beaten path. Teresa and Kath discovered this blackberry oasis on previous horseback riding trips. With gloves on and the dogs somewhat securely tied to a tree we picked and picked and picked. After all of that thorny picking, I will never again complain about the price of a pint of blackberries.

Big difference between these blackberries and store bought: these ones are SO juicy, and kind of brambly in a good way. The little seeds get stuck in your teeth, but satisfyingly so. I tried not to sample too many of them, as I knew we were saving up for PIE.

Which I am eating now. Like right now.

Still going strong.

Still going strong.

So if you’re up for some foraging, and some pie-making (or just blackberry snacking), I recommend going somewhere around here. Follow the trail to the left, pass the shack, keep going about a mile and you will find yourself in the thick of bushes covered in blackberries.

Did you have to ask? Of course I ate all of the pie.

Almost donezo.

Almost donezo.




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