Oak Hill Farm and The Red Barn

The weather is bright, sunny, and dare I say… hot? It appears that summer is upon us here in Sonoma. Yesterday I kidnapped (dognapped?) Cara for an outing to Oak Hill Farm and The Red Barn Store.

Pretty girl.

Pretty girl.

Cara was armed with a cat hair-covered tennis ball I found in a corner of the house, and she was STOKED for a drive. This dog seriously loves car rides.

It was a quick drive down Highway 12, maybe 10 minutes or so from the in-laws’ house. Its pretty easy to find, I didn’t even use GPS which is saying a lot for me. There is this handy landmark off the side of 12:

Who knew a tree stump could be so beautiful?

Who knew a tree stump could be so beautiful?

I’ve been told by many locals that this is the place to get fresh produce. They are open off Highway 12 in Glen Ellen May-December, Thursday-Sunday.

Directly off the highway.

Directly off the highway.

Pulling in off the main road, it immediately becomes apparent that you are heading somewhere special.


The path is tree lined, and there are fields of flowers to the right, hay stacks and more fields to the left. This would be a fantastic place to ride your bike if that’s your mode of transportation.

Its hard to miss the The Red Barn Store.

Yep that's a big red barn all right.

Yep that’s a big red barn all right.

The entrance is on the right side of the front of the barn. You can walk around a bit, though its requested that you stay out of the fields. And doggies have to stay in the car. Sorry, Cara! There is plenty of shade for parking.

field framed

There was a wheelbarrow out front that a woman was working on filling with flowers. Here’s a photo of the work in progress:

Petals in the barrel.

Petals in the barrel.

Once inside there were tons and tons of BEAUTIFUL fresh flowers. I am a flower fiend if you can’t tell by all the photos.

Does anyone know what these are called?

Does anyone know what these are called?

pink flowers


In fact, I was so enchanted by the flowers that I completely skipped taking photos of the plethora of veggies also available at the store! There were armenian cucumbers, little gem lettuces, tomatoes, raspberries (bought those, already ate all of them), lacinto kale, and mucho more. Also available were bags of dried lavender, posters, dried beans and fruit.

My visit was pretty quick. I picked up cucumbers, those raspberries that were quickly devoured, and a bunch of sunflowers. I enjoyed the visit, and it would be a great place to go for a quick morning outing. Especially if you need flowers.

Because I like to show you as many animal pictures as possible, here’s Cara doing her version of “stay.”

That's a lot of nose.

That’s a lot of nose.

Will you be visiting a farmers market this weekend? Where do you get your produce?

Hope your baskets stay full and happy.



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