A Rainy Day Adventure

I love rainy days. Yesterday was an especially great rainy day. I arrived at work to find that the power at the winery was out and not coming back anytime soon. We closed down early  and I was left with the rest of an entire day to myself. 

With camera in tow, and a baseball hat to protect myself from the minor elements, I set out for a hike. 

The trail is pretty much right behind my in-laws’ home. I stopped to say hi to Raz, the 23 year old Arabian horse. I think he was curious about my camera, but mostly wondering why I hadn’t brought him a carrot. Next time, buddy.


The rain and mist created a beautiful fog on the mountain. The tops of the trees were barely visible, and it made everything feel quiet, reflective, and a little bit magical.





On clear days you can see most of the valley from this vantage point. But we still have further to go.



Not exactly a vertical ascent, but I had to take quite a few breaks! I blame the heavy camera, even though it probably only weighs 8 pounds.

Have you seen a vineyard, before its really a vineyard? Does that make it a yard I guess? Well here is the very, very beginning of what will someday be vines and plantings. I love how creepy this looks! I admit to kind of looking around for any Children of the Corn. 



Ok can you believe the color and texture of this tree bark? It was insane! I don’t know if deer are eating it or if this is part of its natural shedding process, but whatever’s going on is pretty darn neat. This photo is completely untouched.



So towards the end of this hike as I was huffing a little more than I’d like to admit I stopped and rested with my hands on my knees. I turned around to look behind me and immediately saw this about 15 feet away. Don’t ask me how. 



I was excited to be on the way back to the house, since about midway through the hike I realized my boots were not waterproof! Lesson learned! I had to stop and say hi to Razzy one more time. And I made sure to bring him some yummy grass for a snack.



Tea and movie time were waiting for me with Mama and Papa -inlaw. Have I mentioned that I LOVE hanging out with my in-laws? Weird, I know. I went for a quick grocery store run with Cara, their German shepherd, in tow. She had her first ever taste of White Cheddar Cheetos and I’d say it was quite a success. Papa, Hubs, and yours truly finished off the rest of the bag. 

For more information about hiking in Sonoma, visit Sonoma County Hiking Trails


I hope you’re having a great week, whatever the weather brings.


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