Hamel Family Winery Visit

Wooo first post! Thanks for checking out my blog! I’ll spare you the usual first time blog over-excitement (barely!) and get straight to the fun stuff.

A few evenings ago I had the great pleasure of joining our family friend, Linda, for a tour of Hamel Family Winery. It didn’t take any bribing to get my mother-in-law and myself out there, but she also promised us that we would be visiting with the newest members of the Hamel family, four baby goats! We grabbed our bottle of chilled Chardonnay and scooted over to the winery.

So first a winery intro. Hamel is currently under the process of becoming a real winery, all growed up and ready to crank out the best of the best. Our friend Linda is in charge of, well, a lot. Mostly vineyard management, and right now that includes grape management, garden tending, goat herding and just keeping things under control. Mighty, mighty tasks but she handles them all with aplomb.

The winery is available for tours and tastings by appointment only at this point, and can usually accomodate visitors that day, as long as they get that phone call in advance.

If you’re lucky and know a generous friend, and if you bring enough wine, they may even take you on a tour. Here’s a look at what we saw while visiting this gorgeous property.

First we visited the goats! So, so cute. Obviously. This is Rosy, and you can tell by her facial expression what she thinks of having her photo taken.

Rosy girl.

Rosy girl.

About 20 feet away from the goats is the garden. This will be a community garden someday. So if you are in the area, stop by and get some delish veggies. Bring a mason jar for some fresh tomatillo salsa! How amazing is this place??

We ate carrots straight out of the garden. Poor carrots. (Not.)

We ate carrots straight out of the garden. Poor carrots. (Not.)

After the garden came a ride in a four wheeler to tour the property. You don’t know this about me, but here’s an important bit of information: I’m a Southern Girl. You should know this, specifically because it means I LOVE riding in four wheelers. Wine glasses in tow, we got a look at the whole property including vineyards, wine caves, and tasting room.

with a setting sun, c'mon how pretty is that??

View from the tasting room.

And the dogs certainly got their exercise. This is Micah tagging along.

Not a bad life, Micah.

Not a bad life, Micah.

After our tour we were dropped back where we enjoyed the rest of our wine and some good conversation with Linda and her husband Kyle. They even joined us for a laid back dinner of chicken, prawns, corn salad, and delicious bread dipped in copious amounts of olive oil. As I had to work the next morning, I bowed out early.

Husband was gone for the weekend for business, so I stuffed my face with more Oreos than usual, had some peppermint tea, and found myself completely sacked out in bed in mere minutes.

Sunshine, friends, wine, and beautiful scenery makes for a lovely lullaby.




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